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Our antennas are designed for the toughest applications where connectivity robustness is vital

Image by National Cancer Institute


Wireless connectivity is a vital requirement for connected healthcare. In this application, where a communication dropout could mean the difference between life and death, our antennas can help reduce this by increasing communication ranges and reducing dropouts of medical wearables


Wireless wearables are widely used in modern sport, where second-by-second resolution player data could mean the difference in today’s highly competitive sporting world. Our antennas will help maintain this edge and will push the possible applications by providing unbeaten wireless performance in these challenging propagation environments

Image by Olga Guryanova
Image by Tim Foster


The human body is not the only application for our antennas. Vehicular bodies offer similar challenges and will benefit from the unique properties of our antennas in another application where maintaining connectivity is vital



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ABOUT AntennaWare

Focused on Wearable Antenna Design Excellence

AntennaWare was founded in 2020 by Dr. Matthew Magill and Dr. Gareth Conway as a spin-out from Queen's University Belfast (QUB). After years of research in the area of antennas and  electromagnetic propagation for body-centric wireless communications, they decided to form AntennaWare to address the lack of dedicated, high-performance antenna solutions for wearables, focusing on medical and sports applications.

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